3D Gel show plates designed and built by you. Order your car show plates online NOW!

3D gel show plates , show plates and custom show plates designed and built by you
3d gel show plates show plates for cars, bikes, commercial
UK Show Plates, 3d gel show plates
Design and order reflective acrylic licence number plates, show plates, fancy plates or custom plates

3D borders enhance you and your car to the next level

Actual quality.
This page shows some of our exclusive chinese star signs, chinese names and 3D border examples of our special high resolution graphics.

No-one can come anywhere near when it comes to CreatePlates chinese star sign borders, bottom logo chinese names and 3D Borders. We are the industries first to blow away your box standard plain border designs. If you want the un-usual, un-forgettable or a love token built into your plate then e-mail us.

All our borders are created with an optical resolution of 600DPI, this means that you and your plates will be enhanced to the next level AND you will stand out in a crowd.

Remember where you saw it first, we are the ORIGINAL for CHINESE STAR SIGN BORDERS, BOTTOM LOGO CHINESE NAMES AND 3D BORDER and ACRYLIC PLATE MANUFACTURER, we are also DVLA approved.

If you dont see what you want. Just ASK!

go on.... your car deserves it....

''We accept all major Credit Cards''
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