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As you can see from the above samples, the Sample on the left shows a smooth transition from blue to grey, this is the professional quality you should expect on a number plate....not the grainy low standard quality (also known as large format poster halftone printing). your plates are not a poster. There is a slight problem with the above sample on the right in that the high quality image/print gradient/shade from blue to grey is NOT so great, this is also the same for any color that uses one color to another or shading be it chromes, shimmer gold's, metalics or any type of 2 colors. They produce the same grainy low standard quality every time
You must ask yourself... do I want British standard quality materials as used with road legal plates that's fantastic value for money or do you want low sub standard quality prints like you WILL get from other local sites out there
the choice is yours, I know what I would go for every time. I want my plates to look the BEST I CAN GET and not that shabby grainy effect that other local sites offer who even charge much more for this lower standard quality.

We have invested heavily in a £25k printer with outstanding print quality(dye-sub), designed specifically to print on small format media which gives a professional result (as the image above on the left shows) which is much better quality than those guys who have bought £3k second-hand Gerber printer that's designed to print on large format media giving lo-res pixelated 2 tone color sub standard quality.
The image on the right is fine if your stood 20 feet away, this kind of printer is designed for this type of distance viewing, now on a number plate that is a little over 4 inches tall with the kind of quality and resolution that YOU ARE PAYING for should be high-res not the spotty quality that we have seen first hand, we know - we bought a set just to compare it against all their hype and to see how poor it was and believe me, it was poor - they even sent the order out incorrect the first time, then the second time it was the wrong size.

They say: "Price is always a sensitive issue and our prices are keen" and "if you base your purchase on price and not quality then you may as well click elsewhere if you want superior quality and outstanding results" we wish we had done now. they know that by charging almost £10.00 per order more than we do for a basic set of plates you are made to believe you are getting "SUPERIOR QUALITY". You do not get quality from words alone, you get it from the quality of materials, durability of materials and the solid ink imaging process and finally the all important quality and resolution of the image artwork.

If you can remember the citizen color DMP(dot matrix printer), it had a 4 color ribbon and a 24pin head, the dots from this head were better than that of the poor example above right. So why would you pay MORE, these fly by night unscrupulous outfits are here today ripping you off and gone tomorrow and you are still ripped off.

We have spend 18+ years collectively in the color print/design and digital industry, also the last 8 years teaching local business how to use and understand the basics in programs like: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver etc... whereas these local fly by night outfits have only been involved in print/design and or digital design for the last 7 months (learning the basics with YOUR MONEY AND AT YOUR EXPENSE). I don't call working in a building society call centre anything near their slightly over exaggerated "almost 10 years experience in the creative graphics industry" again this is how you are made to believe you are getting "SUPERIOR QUALITY".

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