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3D Domed Carbon Fibre Gel Holo Power-Edge number plates

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3D Domed Carbon Gel Plates. A stunning addition to any plate
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3D Domed Carbon Gel Plates. A stunning addition to any plate
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Unique 3D Domed Gel Holo Power-Edge Carbon Fibre for ShowPlates. Click on the images above for some stunning examples

Our newly developed 3D Holo Power-Edge (NOW available) is another first for this 3D product. The 3D Holo Power-Edge is a compliment to the 3D lettering, a quality side border with all the manufacturers logos to choose from, then simply embedded, thus not detracting from the Carbon Fibre lusture.
These stunning 3D Domed Holo Power-Edge Carbon Fibre Gel Plates NOW set the standards as the only ultimate car styling finishes.
Shown above is OUR TRULY STUNNING 3D Gel Holographic badges are alive with all the colors from MOTHER OF PEARL. Watch the colors as they FLIP from one color to another while you move from side to side thus giving the splendid twinkle and sparkle of the holographic properties from a product that is truly stunning.

There are some custom number plate makers out there that will sell you holographic xmas wrapping paper effect material that does not give the true holographic depth as we know you should get. they hope you will accept this as HOLOGRAPHIC and then they charge you as much money for this cheap low quality version as the high quality HOLOGRAPHIC HOLO POWER-EDGE effects cost. This is a poor excuse for HOLOGRAPHIC effect plates. Be aware that not all HOLO POWER-EDGE number plates are of the same quality. Our HOLO POWER-EDGE is as close to the real thing as you will get.
A stunning addition to any plate.
We have now set the level for luxurious quality HOLOGRAPHIC effect, the rest will follow.

If your a member of a Car Club, Owners Club or Cruise Club and you need a unique taylor made set of plates for that special meet. E-Mail us with your requirements and we will discuss quality discounts for that special one-off or bulk orders and give you a unique discount code for each club, you could even earn money for your club by joining our affiliate scheme and get as much as 20% commission for each sale.
If you have a design that you would like on your plates, we can do this without any "Small Design Fee upwards of £10.00" like some less professional (working from a bedroom) type showplates website charge.

Due to the nature of the Doming Gel, these plates have to be hand crafted, they also require an high level of skill to create. There is a minimum waiting period of 5 days as the 3D Doming Gel needs sufficient time to cure before shipping. They are however, totally worth the short wait.

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